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The Hop’s new Community Venture Initiative (CVI) aims to increase the Upper Valley community’s engagement and access to Hop programming. CVI builds on the Hop’s commitment, over its 50-year history, to community-oriented programs involving a strong network of local organizational partners, as well as on ideas generated by the Hop’s Class Divide Project, a three-year initiative that examined socio-economic class via the arts.
The project is funded by Jane’s Trust, as well as support from Jane and Peter McLaughlin, The Jack & Dorothy Byrne Foundation, Neda Nobari Foundation, Nini and Rob Meyer, Jenny and Stan Williams and Norwich Partners.



In February-March, 2015; The Handel Society of Dartmouth College, under the direction of Robert Duff, offered an educational outreach program to six regional high schools (Claremont, Kearsarge, Lebanon, Newport, Windsor, Woodstock). The pilot program supplemented existing school curriculum in Holocaust studies, music and language arts. Handel Society members visited the schools to discuss the music before, during and after the Holocaust. On March 6, over 200 students and their teachers came to the Hop for a free performance of James Whitbourne’s Annelies (based on The Diary of Anne Frank). Dartmouth’s Rabbi Boraz gave a pre-concert lecture, adding rich historical context to the piece.
“This is the type of experience these kids just don’t get.” History Teacher, Newport High School


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