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The purpose of the Board of Overseers of the Hopkins Center is to act in an advisory role to the Director of the Hopkins Center and to the Provost, the President, and the Board of Trustees of Dartmouth College. In this capacity the Board of Overseers reviews and advises on the policies, programs, and resources of the Hopkins Center. The Board and its members serve as key supporters of and ambassadors for the Hopkins Center.

Ex-officio members of the Board include the President, the Provost, the Associate Dean of Faculty for the Humanities, the Director of the Hopkins Center, and one representative from the Board of Trustees. Not more than twenty other members are appointed by the Board of Trustees. All members of the Board are voting members.

The Board of Overseers usually meets twice a year.

  • Austin M. Beutner ’82, P’19
  • Kenneth L. Burns H’93
  • Barbara J. Couch
  • Allan H. Glick ’60, T’61, P’88, GP’19
  • Barry Grove ’73
  • Caroline Diamond Harrison ’86, P’16, P’18
  • Kelly Fowler Hunter ’83, T’88, P’13, P'15, P’19
  • Robert H. Manegold ’75, P’02, P’06
  • Michael A. Marriott ‘84, P’18
  • Nini Meyer
  • John C. Morris ’80, P’11, P’14, Chair of the Board
  • Laurel J. Richie ’81
  • Jennifer Williams ’85