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Community Ticket Program

Community Ticket Program

The Community Ticket Program serves low income and underserved community members through partnerships with nine different Upper Valley community organizations. Partners are given access to all Hopkins Center performances and movies; organizations make selections based on the needs and interests of their constituents. Over 500 free tickets are distributed annually and attendees get invitations to special events such as dinners, backstage tours, and artist meet and greets.

With a multi-year donation from Jane and Peter McLaughlin, the Community Ticket Program is now in its fourth year, creating equitable access to the arts for people who may not otherwise attend Hop events due to financial or other barriers.

Community Ticket Program partners:

“One mom said her son wrote her a thank you note for allowing him to go to such an awesome show. He is one of the kids that says he never goes anywhere!” Dede Mackie, Lebanon Housing Authority

“This is definitely hitting the right group. Some of them have never seen a play before.” Brooke Robinson, Recreational Therapist, VA Medical Center

“A lot of time we forget the things that are easy for us but not so easy for [our clients]. It’s eye opening being in the auditorium. It’s not just about seeing a show, but about getting out and being a part of the community.” Community Ticket Partner


The Hop’s Community Venture Initiative (CVI) aims to increase the Upper Valley community’s engagement and access to Hop programming. CVI builds on the Hop’s commitment, over its 50-year history, to community-oriented programs involving a strong network of local organizational partners, as well as on ideas generated by the Hop’s Class Divide Project , a three-year initiative that examined socio-economic class via the arts.

The project is funded by Jane’s Trust, as well as support from Jane and Peter McLaughlin, The Jack & Dorothy Byrne Foundation, Neda Nobari Foundation, Nini and Rob Meyer, Jenny and Stan Williams and Norwich Partners.

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