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Dartmouth Symphony Orchestra: Auditions

DSO entrance auditions for Fall 2018 will be held Sunday, September 9th and Tuesday, September 11th at the String Quartet Studio (Room 41), in the basement of the Hopkins Center. Sign up for a time slot here. If you would like to schedule an audition outside of the available slots, or if all slots have been taken, please contact us at dso@dartmouth.edu.

Auditions generally last 15 minutes and are heard by the DSO conductor and an instrumental teacher from the Dartmouth Music Department. Auditioning players are asked to play a piece (or a portion thereof) and the orchestral excerpts provided in advance. Players should also be prepared to sight read and should bring an extra copy of their music to the audition. Players will be evaluated both on the basis of technical skill and musicianship.

Decisions regarding membership are made within a context defined by the following factors:

  1. The level of preparation the player shows at the audition.
  2. The relationship between the auditioning player's current level of ability (as displayed in their audition) and the current median technical level of the DSO's players.
  3. The particular skill set required to successfully manage the part(s) for which the player is auditioning.
  4. The player's deportment during their audition.
  5. The current personnel needs of the DSO.

Notice to players of large instruments: If you play an instrument that is so large you couldn't bring it to school, you will need to make arrangements to secure an instrument for your audition and be ready with it at your audition time. Please contact Stephen Langley (Hopkins Center Administrative Assistant) via Blitz for assistance in this area.

Current musicians of the DSO may at any time contact Mr. Ciabatti to play for him. Students who are away from the orchestra for more than two consecutive terms will be asked to play for Mr. Ciabatti again without threat to their membership in the orchestra.

Any questions about auditions may be directed to dso@dartmouth.edu


OboeEnglish Horn
ClarinetE‑flat Clarinet
Tenor TromboneBass Trombone


Email: dso@dartmouth.edu


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