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Auditions required. Please contact the Ensembles Office (603.646.2530 or hopkins.center.ensembles@dartmouth.edu)

Winter performance

For more info regarding this ensemble,
call 603.646.2530 or email: hopkins.center.ensembles@dartmouth.edu



The Dartmouth Dance Ensemble is a professionally-led student performing group that showcases student and professional choreographers, exposing members to a breadth of styles and content representing the scope of contemporary modern dance. Since it's inception, the ensemble has created close to 30 new works and has toured to Costa Rica and New Zealand. The ensemble will be led by Rebecca Anderson Darling in the Fall and include an emphasis on site-specific works.

Rebecca Anderson Darling is a master teacher, specializing in Modern dance, Improvisation, Choreography and Partnering technique. Rebecca has toured the world with the Pilobolus Dance Theater with numerous television appearances and is featured in two works by Mirra Banks (Last Dance, and Lucid Dreams) that premiered at Carnegie Hall. She graduated with a degree in Dance from UCLA and has studied with the Alwin Nikolais and Murray Louis as well as performed with Janis Brenner and Dancers, Gerald Otte, and The Murray Louis and Mikolais Dance company. She is the founder and artistic director of Studio D dance school and D-Tour Dance Company.

What the dancers can expect:
Rebecca Anderson Darling is looking for dancers who like to work collaboratively and who are open to working creatively. She works intuitively and very much makes decisions in the moment feeding off of the creative impetus of the group she is working with. Dancers of all movement backgrounds are welcome to audition. She is looking for dancers that are both classically  and contemporarily trained and athletic. If you have acrobatic talents or are a Street Dancer that is exciting to her as well. She herself has a background in Ballet, Modern Dance and Gymnastics. The major influences on her work are Pilobolus, Alison Chase, Moses Pendelton and Alwin Nikolais and Murray Louis.

Her movement has been described as hypnotic and having an under water quality. Using the natural laws of momentum, suspension, rebound and centrifugal force, Rebecca loves to create a world unto itself. She loves to use dance to create illusions and to bring about a sense of wonder.

Rebecca incorporates unconventional partnering and often makes use of props in her work. Her movement style is at once fluid and athletic both weighted and whimsical. She has created work that is kinetically moving and others that can really move an audience. Many of the pieces she creates take inspiration from classic stories/tales and others are inspired by relationships and the human side of life.

The Dartmouth Dance Ensemble will have company class followed by rehearsals for the new piece that we will create. Company Class will consist of a Nikolais floor warm up, with some Pilates and Yoga, Center work and across the floor work. Rebecca's dance classes are a blend of styles, taking influence from Jose Limon, Horton, Nikolais and other Modern dance techniques. Partnering exercises will be included as well as improvisation. Dancers can expect to become more proficient at weight sharing and more comfortable with improvisation.  

Rebecca is looking for dancers that are creative, energetic, thoughtful and playful. She looks forward to collaborating with a new group of dancers.