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Claremont HopStop Family Shows


The Hop’s new Community Venture Initiative (CVI) aims to increase the Upper Valley community’s engagement and access to Hop programming. CVI builds on the Hop’s commitment, over its 50-year history, to community-oriented programs involving a strong network of local organizational partners, as well as on ideas generated by the Hop’s Class Divide Project, a three-year initiative that examined socio-economic class via the arts.

The project is funded by Jane’s Trust, as well as support from Jane and Peter McLaughlin, The Jack & Dorothy Byrne Foundation, Neda Nobari Foundation, Nini and Rob Meyer, Jenny and Stan Williams and Norwich Partners.

Claremont HopStop Family Shows

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Since November 2014, the Hopkins Center has brought the popular free monthly family performance series, HopStops, to Claremont, NH. Through a new partnership with the Claremont Parks and Recreation Department and West Claremont Center for Music and the Arts , the Hop offered six free Saturday-afternoon interactive performances to over 300 people.

This series is a first performing arts experience geared for kids ages 3-9 and their families. Claremont HopStops, the first cultural series offered in the new Claremont Bank Community Center, featured a diverse group of performers from the Tanglewood Marionettes to The Nile Project, showcasing musicians from eleven different African nations!

“This is just the kind of thing we want to happen here.” e-Ticker News on Claremont HopStop, Jan 17, Claremont Savings Bank Community Center

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