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Donald Claflin Jewelry Studio

Donald Claflin Jewelry Studio

The Donald Claflin Jewelry Studio is part of the Student Workshops, an innovative, co-curricular program through the Hopkins Center for the Arts that has been in existence for close to 60 years. The program has a well-equipped studio in Jewelry & Metalsmithing and is open to all currently enrolled Dartmouth students and faculty. Absolutely no previous experience is necessary. The studio has a staff of both professional and specially trained student instructors to help the participants make their objects. Because the program is voluntary and un-graded, creativity is nurtured in a very pure way. While the studios primarily operate in an “open-studio” format, there are also short “workshop-style” classes designed to accommodate students’ busy schedules and regular guest artist events. The Donald Claflin Studio also serves as a support structure for the academic needs of the college as well, with students, faculty and whole classes using the facilities and the knowledge of the Student Workshop’s staff for academic projects and research.

Winter ’19

The Donald Claflin Jewelry Studio opens for Winter term Thursday, January 3 at 1 pm
Open to Dartmouth students with a valid Dartmouth ID.


Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday: 1–5 pm
Wednesday, Thursday: 1–9 pm


Dartmouth students: $32 per school year or $12 per term

Winter ’19 Introduction to Jewelry Classes

• Open to Dartmouth students only
• To register: jewelry@dartmouth.edu

• All Sessions Wednesdays, 4:30-6:00 pm
• $32 for each class (Includes all materials and Winter Term fee!)
• Classes limited to 12 students
• Attendance of all 3 sessions is required

Lost Wax Casting
January 16, 23 & 30
Learn the basics of lost wax casting and make two sterling silver rings. One will be carved out of hard carving wax, the other, formed from soft wire wax. From there we’ll make a plaster-like mold of the wax models, that will get heated up overnight to 1300 degrees and then injected the following day with molten sterling silver. After the metal is cast, you’ll learn finishing techniques to create two beautiful rings.

Lost Wax Casting

Earrings 101
February 13, 20 & 27
Each session, we will explore a popular style of earring. Learn to manipulate wire, hammer textures, drill, solder, work-harden and mirco-weld your way to a custom pair of dangles, posts and hoops!

Earrings 101

Special Guest Artist Workshop with Matt Rabito ’18
Captured: Capsules and Bells

Free - Dartmouth Students Only
Friday, March 1, 3:00 – 5:00 pm

Recent Dartmouth alum, Matt Rabito ’18, fascinates viewers with the obscured objects he captures in his work. Worn objects send signals of all kinds–in this special workshop, students will explore the signals of sound. Through the use of hammers, solder and heat, students will manipulate copper and sterling silver to build a unique resonating pendant.

Captured: Capsules and Bells
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The Donald Claflin Jewelry Studio is located in the basement of the Hopkins Center, across from the Paddock Music Library.

Photo Gallery
First Projects

For more information email Jeff Georgantes or call the Jewelry Workshop (603.646.3226) during studio hours.