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To make a reservation or for questions about an existing reservation, call the school matinee box office at 603-646-9600.

For questions about performance content, policy and accommodations, call or email Kate Adams at 603.646.2010 kate.e.adams@dartmouth.edu


Buying Seats: Seating reservations for the School Matinee Series must either be either paid for at time of order, or paid 30 days prior to show date. Unpaid orders may be released and sold to another school group after this date. Orders placed fewer than 30 days prior to the show will require payment at time of order. Every person who is attending must have a seat purchased for them.

Communication: 30 days before the show date, Hop staff will email and mail out information about the performance to those who have purchased seats. The email will include a digital vrsion of the study guide for the performance; printed study guides (1 study guide per 20 seats) is mailed along with a hard copy of the email content. All communication will go to the name, address and email address associated with the invoice. Please read through the letter as it does ask teachers to respond with the number of buses they will be bringing as well as any information about accommodation and staying for lunch (when space is available). Feel free to contact the Hop at any time with questions—603-646-2010 or kate.e.adams@dartmouth.edu

Home School Families: As of July 1, 2012, all homeschool families purchasing tickets to the School Matinee Series will need to register with the Hop. This policy helps the Hop maintain the integrity of the school ticketing policies and ensure that tickets are available for our homeschool families.

Waiting List: In the event that a performance sells out, the box office will start a waiting list and call those on it as tickets become available. Some schools reserve seats the school year prior, so it is not uncommon for seats to be released closer to the performance date. To be placed on the waiting list for a performance, please call the school matinee box office at 603-646-9600. Once on the list, you will be contacted if seats become available.


Finding the Hop
Directions to the Hopkins Center.

Busing: Due to the large amount of bus traffic we deal with during school matinee performances, the Hop has developed a procedure for unloading and reloading the buses. You can find this information here. Please read and share with any bus drivers or bus companies with whom contract.

Arrival: Please plan to arrive 30 minutes prior to show time. When you arrive in front of the Hop, please stay on your bus. A Hop staff member will come out to greet you and give you instructions. An usher will escort you and your students into the building and to your seats. After you have found your seats you may escort students to the restrooms in the lobby before the performance starts. Home school families will check in with Hop Staff in the theater lobby before being seated.
Seating: We seat school groups and home schoolers in blocks within the theater at our discretion, doing our best to make sure each group is seated together. If you have seating requests for your group please let Hop staff know prior to your arrival.

Q and A: Most of our performers are generous and agree to stay after the performance for a few minutes to do a question and answer session with the students in the audience. These Q and As are moderated by Hop staff and only last 5-10 minutes due to artist availability and schools’ schedules. 

Leaving the Theater: After the performance and Q and A concludes, all students who arrived by bus should remain in their seats. In order keep things organized and safe, we will dismiss schools by name. Hop staff will announce which schools are dismissed over an intercom system and an usher will lead them to their waiting bus.

Lunch: For some performances we have a large room available for groups to use to eat bag lunches. We will indicate in the pre-show communication for each show if this space is available. If you would like to stay for lunch, please let Hop staff know prior to your arrival. On the day of the show, bring all lunches in boxes or plastics tubs or other conveyance labeled with name of school. After your arrival at the Hop, we’ll have you bring in the boxes and place them on a cart in the lobby. During the show, Hop ushers will take the lunches to the lunch space. Following the show, ushers will take your group to the space where your lunches will be waiting. School groups who want to eat on the Green are welcome to bring their lunches in off the bus, leave them in the lobby, and then retrieve them after the show. When groups are preparing to depart following lunch they will need to call their bus on their own. Please refer to the Hop’s busing policy here for more information.


Feedback: Following the performance, we will email asking you to fill out our feedback form.  Though completely optional, this feedback helps us refine and improve the school matinee series for our teachers and home school families. You are always welcome to contact Hop’s outreach and arts education staff directly with your concerns, kate.e.adams@dartmouth.edu.


Cancellations: Performances will only be cancelled and refunds issued if the artist is unable to reach the theater. Schools will be notified by email and/or phone in the unlikely event that a performance is cancelled by the Hop.
Inclement Weather Policy: Refunds are not issued for weather-related circumstances.

If school will be closed for weather the day of a performance, there are two options:

  1. Parents may bring students to the performance. The school is responsible for notifying families of this option.
  1. An effort will be made by Hop staff to place the group into another age-appropriate performance in the current school year. This will be done at the discretion of Hop staff and is subject to availability.
Grade Recommendations: Though every performance is open to any grade level, each one has been designated as being appropriate for a range of grades. These are guidelines based on the content of the performances and recommendations of the artists.

Length of Performance: Most of our School Matinee Series performances are 60 minutes in length, followed by a brief Q and A with the artist. Please refer to the individual performance web page to confirm a run time.

Study Guides: View study guides with classroom activities to prepare students in advance for the live performances they will see. Feel free to print them off and copy for distribution.

Accessibility: The Hopkins Center is committed to making all facilities and programs accessible to all members of our community. Please let us know what you require in advance of your arrival at the Hop.

Chaperones: We advise all groups to provide an adequate number of chaperones and prefer at least one adult chaperone (teacher or parent) for every 15-20 students. For many students this will be their first time to a live performance; we appreciate your help in showing them how to be excellent audience members!

Photo Policy: The Hop may photograph your visit for use on our website or in promotional materials. If you or your students do not wish to be photographed, please inform a Hop staff member prior to the show. No photography or videography is permitted by the audience during a performance.

Want to order tickets to a School Matinee?

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Call the Box Office administrative phone line at 603.646.9600

Need more information?
Please call Kate Adams, Advisor on Student Relations at 603.646.2010 or email kate.e.adams@dartmouth.edu