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The Hop’s new Community Venture Initiative (CVI) aims to increase the Upper Valley community’s engagement and access to Hop programming. CVI builds on the Hop’s commitment, over its 50-year history, to community-oriented programs involving a strong network of local organizational partners, as well as on ideas generated by the Hop’s Class Divide Project, a three-year initiative that examined socio-economic class via the arts.
The project is funded by Jane’s Trust, as well as support from Jane and Peter McLaughlin, The Jack & Dorothy Byrne Foundation, Neda Nobari Foundation, Nini and Rob Meyer, Jenny and Stan Williams and Norwich Partners.



Radical Jewelry Makeover reuses unwanted jewelry, promotes sustainable mining and invites members of the public to try jewelry making. From December 2013-February 2014, the Hop collected used jewelry from more than 100 Upper Valley community members, some of whom furnished history and memories connected with the materials. On April 12 and 13, over 100 people of all ages participated in free workshops, fashioning new creations from the donations, with the help of teachers and Dartmouth students. A group of professional jewelry artists, including Dartmouth alumni and former guest artists, also made pieces. On May 12, "Behind the Blue Box" unveiled both sets of stunning jewelry, which were sold to benefit Ethical Metalsmiths and the Community Venture Initiative; and event-goers enjoyed a presentation by Christina Miller of Ethical Metalsmiths, a national nonprofit promoting sustainable mining practices. The professional works then were installed as a show in The Moore Theater lobby from May 13-June 15.
 “I can’t say enough good things about this workshop and the lovely people who ran it. PLEASE DO IT AGAIN!!!!” Anonymous participant
“They were so inspired by what they made—Deana is still wearing her earrings and necklace—they’re going to continue “mining” old jewelry from flea markets and yard sales to use in future projects.” Susan, participant

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Cosponsored by Craft Studies at the Hanover League
of New Hampshire Craftsmen.