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Viola Davis plans a daring heist in this live-wire thriller from director Steve McQueen and co-writer Gillian Flynn.

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“Widows will remind you of how massively entertaining crime movies can be, especially when they’re animated by the spirit of cool-headed capability, on and offscreen.” Time Out


Director Steve McQueen (12 Years a Slave) and co-screenwriter Gillian Flynn (Gone Girl) deliver marvelous, meaningful entertainment for our current #MeToo moment, endowing the classic planning-a-heist-film with real-world stakes and emotional resonance.

Viola Davis soars as Veronica, a Chicago union leader who has always turned a blind eye to her husband Rawlins’s (Liam Neeson) less legitimate business arrangements. But when his latest job goes fatally wrong, Veronica is forced to reckon with the legacy of crime closing in around her. Her only way out: recruit the other widows from her husband’s crew—Michelle Rodriguez, Cynthia Erivo and Elizabeth Debicki—to finish what the men started and pull off an audacious heist on their own terms.

As the women put all the elements of the robbery into place, McQueen takes the time to explore their heartache, determination and sisterhood, delivering a powerful statement on the strength of women—and an explosive, live-wire thriller.

D: Steve McQueen, US, 2018, 2h8m


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