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Blind Cinema


Blind Cinema

An intimate and imaginative multimedia experience that puts children in charge of the storytelling.

Is your child interested in being a narrator
for this production of Blind Cinema?

Loew Auditorium




“[A] fascinating meditation on observation, entertainment and shared experience. And her performers are exceptional.” Portland Mercury

Listen closely—a child is speaking. In a multimedia experience that has captivated communities around the world, you sit blindfolded in a darkened cinema; behind you, a row of children, ages 9 to 12, stand ready. An original film, sans dialogue, comes up on the screen, and the children describe it in whispers to the adults, their collaborators in the fascinating act of putting pictures into words and vice versa. In a world in which children still are more often seen than heard, European theatermaker Britt Hatzius puts them in charge of the story.


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A co-production between Vooruit (Ghent), Beursschouwburg (Brussels) and Bronks Theatre (Brussels).


Is your child interested in being a narrator for this production of Blind Cinema?

The Hop is actively recruiting children, aged 9-12, to participate in this unique collaborative performance. Participants must commit to attending a 2-hour training on Saturday, Sept 29th as well as the 2.5-hour rehearsal and performance on Sunday, September 30th.
Registration is free.

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1. Photo by Maria Baranova; 2. Photo by Britt Hatzius