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Dartmouth Symphony Orchestra: Management

April Liu

April Liu is an ’18 from Short Hills, NJ. She is an economics major and linguistics minor. Besides playing viola in the DSO, April does econ and ling research on campus and has worked as a study group leader. She is also a member of Dartmouth Humanitarian Engineering and Alpha Xi Delta. April has been managing the DSO since March 2015.

Grant Cook

Grant Cook, a ’19 from Spokane, WA, has been a member of the DSO since 2015. He plays the clarinet, E-flat clarinet and bass clarinet in the orchestra. At Dartmouth, Grant is a computer science and music double major, interested in composition and contemporary chamber music. In addition, on campus he works at Paddock Music Library and Dartmouth’s IT Walk-In Center. In February 2017 he joined the management of the DSO.

Neerja Thakkar

Neerja Thakkar is a ’19 from St. Paul, MN. She is a computer science and mathematics double major. Besides playing violin in the DSO, Neerja does computational immunology research and works as a teaching assistant in the Computer Science Department. She is also a member of Women in Computer Science, Epsilon Kappa Theta, the Dartmouth Entrepreneurial Network and Divest Dartmouth. Neerja has been managing the DSO since March 2016.

Alyssa Gao

Alyssa Gao, a ’20 from Batavia, IL, has been a violinist in the DSO since 2016. She intends to major in environmental studies and minor in public policy. On campus, Alyssa conducts research as a Women in Science Project Scholar, writes for the Climate Institute, and is an active member of the Great Issues Scholars. She became a co-manager in February 2017.

Leslie Sonder

Leslie Sonder, DSO librarian, is Associate Professor of Earth Sciences and a violist in the DSO. Arriving at Dartmouth in 1988, she has played in DSO since the early 1990s. When she is not using her geologist’s hammer, Leslie straddles the gap between professional and amateur musician, playing in various chamber ensembles and orchestras at Dartmouth, in the Upper Valley and around New England.


Email: dso@dartmouth.edu


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