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Iris DeMent


Iris DeMent

Singer-songwriter brings modern sensibility to Americana roots music. Opening act: singer-songwriter Pieta Brown.

Join us at the Top of the Hop Bar ; open 6–11pm.
Bring your ticket for $1 off any drink!

Spaulding Auditorium


“Grounded in hymns, early country songs, gospel and folk, DeMent’s work is treasured by those who know it for its insight and unabashed beauty.” NPR


Iris Dement is a voice for an America seeking roots and meaning. As Cory Henry marries retro-funk with Afro-Futurism, so Dement brings a modern sensibility to the timeless pentecostal gospel twang of her native Ozarks. Twenty-seven years after she pioneered what we now call “Americana” with her debut album Infamous Angel, she is still sharing powerful stories and shining a light into dark places.


Dartmouth musicologist Ted Levin on DeMent’s place in American music
Sat, Jun 29, 6:30 pm, Top of the Hop, Free
Levin discusses the place of country music in American music history, and Iris Dement’s place within that context.


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