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Pope Francis: A Man of His Word


Pope Francis: A Man of His Word

Wim Wenders creates a dialogue between a beloved leader and the world in this engaging documentary.

Spaulding Auditorium




In an era of deep distrust of politicians and people in power, when corruption and alternative facts are the order of the day, Wim Wenders’s (The Salt of the Earth, Pina) latest celebrates a leader who lives what he preaches and who has gained the trust of people of all faiths around the world.

The film’s direct-to-camera visual and narrative approach engage the audience face-to-face with the Pope, creating a dialogue between him and the world. Taking questions from people of all walks of life, Pope Francis responds to farmers and workers, refugees, children and the elderly, prison inmates, and those who live in favelas and migrant camps. These voices and faces comprise a cross-section of humanity that joins in a conversation with Pope Francis.

D: Wim Wenders, US/Italy, 2018, Runtime: 1h32m




Programmed as part of the OSHER summer lecture series “Our Divided Country: How to Find Common Ground”

President Lincoln warned 150 years ago that “a house divided against itself cannot stand,” yet the U.S. finds itself increasingly fractured along partisan lines. OSHER’s summer lecture series probes challenges to finding common ground on divisive issues and provides insights on how Americans could unite to solve them. Hop Film presents three films tied to lecture topics on income inequality (Pope Francis ), immigration (En el Septímo Día ) and racism (Satan & Adam ).