The Hop and the Call to Lead

The Hopkins Center for the Arts has been a vital hub for creativity and artistic growth at Dartmouth since its completion in 1962.

For generations, the arts have enriched the lives of thousands across campus and around the globe. World-renowned artists in virtually every genre come to Dartmouth to create, collaborate, perform, teach, and inspire students and the public, and students see their lives transformed through their own creative experiences and collaborations with faculty and visiting artists.

A Bold Mission

Following the construction of the Black Family Visual Arts Center and expansion of the Hood Museum of Art, a renovation and expansion of the Hop will further animate the burgeoning Arts District as an internationally recognized center of creativity and experiential learning. As part of The Call to Lead, Dartmouth's $3 billion fundraising campaign, a strategic investment of $75 million will be made to the College's historic performing arts center. More than $15 million has already been generously committed by members and friends of the Hop as well as members of its Board of Advisors. These gifts serve as a foundation for the revitalization and will help enable an exciting future for the Hop and the Dartmouth community.


The re-envisioned Hop will provide more opportunities for faculty and students to become actively engaged in creative experiences—crossing departments and disciplines, collaborating with renowned artists on cutting-edge work, and using the live arts and film to create new connections across the Dartmouth curriculum, the region, and the world beyond.

Our vision consists of three overarching goals:

  • to make the Hop a welcoming, magnetic axis for all of Dartmouth and the world
  • to convene arts faculty, students and visiting artists for greater and deeper collaborations
  • to transform the Hop into a center for creation while enhancing its historic role as a presentation space.


The Hop, which is also home to the Music and Theater departments, sits alongside the newly renovated Hood and the Black Family Visual Arts Center, forming Dartmouth's Arts District, a neighborhood at the heart of Dartmouth's campus focused on creative expression and arts education.

In Fall 2018, Dartmouth undertook a comprehensive study of its Arts District with the internationally recognized engineering firm Arup to identify the district's needs and explore strategic scenarios for reimagining the Hop. 

Throughout the 2019/20 academic year, the Hop, its Board of Advisors, and Dartmouth leadership refined priorities and explored renovation plans to most effectively meet the ambitious programmatic goals of the Hop and the Arts District.

A plan for renovation and the selection of an architect partner will be unveiled in January 2021. In the meantime, Dartmouth will ensure the Hop is able to provide rich, diverse opportunities for students and patrons, whether they are creating, studying, or experiencing the arts.

Phil Hanlon at the 2019 Dartmouth Commencement

The Arts and the Call to Lead

We need to put the arts at Dartmouth firmly at the center of the liberal arts experience, bring our arts experiences into the 21st century, and move from being a presenter to a creator of art. In making robust art experiences available to every one of our students, we prepare them for lifetimes of wise and creative leadership. Dartmouth President Philip Hanlon ’77