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During construction, the sidewalk linking Wheelock and Lebanon streets is closed. Pedestrians seeking access to Loew Auditorium from Wheelock Street should pass through the Hop and exit near the box office.

Hopkins Center Film
presents 30+ movies, ranging from foreign and independent films to recent Oscar-winners and classics. Within this slate, there is a weekly Dartmouth Film Society (DFS) themed series and Film Specials, one-of-a-kind shows often with a live guest. See you at the movies!

The fall movie lineup will be announced here on September 7.
Tickets and the new Take 10 Card will also be available for purchase then!

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Grand Hotel

Fri • Aug 19 • 7 pm
 As far as ensemble films go, this is one of the greatest ever made. With a prima ballerina, a jewel thief, a dying man and an ambitious mistress, the cast of characters is as rich as the setting, Berlin's lavish Grand Hotel. Prof. Noah Isenberg's introduction will give those who already adore this classic a new perspective as well. A perfect way to end the summer!