Jewelry Studio at the Hop

The Donald Claflin Jewelry Studio

The Donald Claflin Jewelry Studio is a well-equipped jewelry and metalsmithing makerspace to explore techniques old and new. We have almost everything that anyone could ever need to make jewelry from beads to precious stones, silver, and gold.

Come visit us in our new Jewelry Studio in BVAC, Third Floor, Rm. 333. 
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Jewelry Studio Open Hours
Monday: 1–5 pm
Tuesday: 1–5 pm
Wednesday: 12 pm–6:30 pm
Thursday: 12 pm–6:30 pm
Friday: 1–5 pm

Our space is limited, so reservations are required.
No Extra Charges. Pay for the materials you use.
Open to all on-campus Dartmouth students.


The Donald Claflin Jewelry Studio

Video created by Brandon Mioduszewski '25, Hop Video Fellow 

Each student workbench has a full set of jewelry making hand tools. Highlights of our equipment includes a miniature lathe, wax work, mold making and casting equipment, two precision micro TIG welders, multiple soldering torches, a 3/D printer, a digital metal engraving machine, lapidary equipment with multiple drawers of rough rock to grind and polish your own gems, a jewelry/metals library and a large selection of stones, metal and jewelry making parts to purchase. 
Our open studio times are mentored by both professional jewelry artists and specially trained Dartmouth student assistants. Every term we strive to bring in at least one guest artist to teach a special topic workshop. We also work with many Dartmouth professors to give demonstrations to their classes and assist students with class assignments as needed. A big part of our agenda is to host team building jewelry making events with campus groups of every kind, from sororities to dorm floors, campus clubs, sports teams and more.

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Questions about the Jewelry Studio?

The Donald Claflin Jewelry Studio is located in the basement of the Hopkins Center, across from the Paddock Music Library.