Mexican Repertoire Initiative at Dartmouth

Mexican Repertoire Initiative at Dartmouth

An ongoing commitment to bringing Mexican repertoire to the international stage, providing opportunities for Mexican composers, and combating institutionalized racism in educational and professional performing ensembles.

The Mexican Repertoire Initiative will increase exposure and representation of Mexican composers by commissioning and facilitating the creation of new works, releasing albums of Mexican repertoire with Urtext Digital Classics, and advocating for the inclusion of Mexican works on Prescribed Music Lists

The Mexican Repertoire Collection is an open source, searchable, sortable database of authentic Mexican repertoire with audio recordings, downloadable scores, and contact information for composers. 

The Mexican Composer Incubation Coalition is a coalition of US wind bands partnered with Mexican composer Enrico Chapela and two schools of composition in Mexico City. During a year-long course offered by the composition schools, composers from Mexico and other Latin American countries will learn how to write for US-style wind bands. Coalition partners will read the works, provide reference recordings, and submit Spanish language feedback with suggested edits.  

Acute Need for Mexican and Latinx Representation in US Music Programs

  • Currently, 28% of the school-aged population in the US is Latinx.
    • over 50% of that number is projected to be Mexican/Mexican-American
    • By comparison, 15% of the school aged population is Black.
  • By 2050, over 50% of the school-aged population in the US will be Hispanic (US Census, Pew Research)
    • Already, over 40% of the school aged population is Latinx in Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, and California. 
    • Immigrant populations in the US are increasingly interested in preserving cultural identity rather than assimilating. 
  • Currently, there is little to no authentic repertoire for Wind Bands by Mexican composers. 

Potential Scope and Quality of Repertoire from Mexico

  • Mexico City is the largest city in the western hemisphere, 5th largest in the world. 
    • Population 22,085,00
  • Mexico City has 7 professional orchestras and thriving art and culture scene. 
  • There is a huge population of and limited opportunity for young composers. These composers would otherwise have no reason to write for wind band.
    • Wind Bands are not a standardized ensemble in Mexico
    • In music school/conservatory in Mexico, a composition student does not learn how to write for wind band and would never be expected to. 
  • This is not an imperialist agenda. We are bringing opportunity to Mexican composers and repertoire to our community. We are not attempting to force North-American style wind bands on Mexico. 

Mexican Repertoire Initiative Executive Council

Dr. Brian Messier, Dartmouth College Director of Bands - Chair/Founder

  • Eric Jimenez, Prairie View A&M Assistant Director of Bands
  • Michael Kasper, Carpentersville Middle School Director of Bands, Chicago
  • Johanna Lundy, University of Arizona Assistant Professor of Horn
  • Dr. Cory Meals, University of Houston Associate Professor in Music Education
  • Dr. Sixto Montesinos, St. Mary's College of California Director of Instrumental Studies 
  • Karina Sainz, Dartmouth College Hopkins Center for the Arts Associate Producer

Advisory Board

  • Mary Lou Aleskie, Dartmouth College Hopkins Center for the Arts Howard Gilman '44 Executive Director
  • Dr. Xóchitl Chávez, University of California, Riverside Assistant Professor of Music  
  • Dr. Benjamín Juárez, Boston University Professor of Fine Arts
  • Marisa Canales, Urtext Digital Classics founder and artistic director

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

2023 Music Mexico Symposium

2023 Music Mexico Symposium

Discover the rich history and vibrant future of Mexican music in the second Music Mexico Symposium. In collaboration with University of Houston Moores School of Music.

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Sala Nezahualcoyotl

Mexico City Tour: 2023

Visit one of the world's most vibrant cities and perform with the ensemble at one of the region's premiere venues. Part of the Mexican Repertoire Initiative.

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The Mexican Repertoire Initiative and Collection with Marisa Canales

Music Mexico Symposium

Music Mexico Symposium 2022

An interdisciplinary two-day event on the past and future of Mexican repertoire. Musicians, performers and scholars contextualized the musical traditions of Mexico from before the revolution to the present day, and discussed the representation of Mexican music in education and the industry today.

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Mexican Repertoire Collection at Dartmouth

Mexican Repertoire Collection at Dartmouth

A sortable, searchable and expanding collection of repertoire by Mexican and Mexican-American composers.

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