Film Society

Film Society

Do you like movies? Drop in on a Film Society meeting and talk about the latest movies, your all-time favorites and programming ideas for the Hop Film slate. Did we mention the FREE dinner?!? 

We'll make you an offer you can't refuse. If you join the DFS, we can promise you:

  • Free movie tickets to the Hop
  • A list of writing credits for your resume
  • Possibly a world-renowned director as your thesis advisor (we're not kidding!)
  • Free dinner every Monday
  • One degree closer to Kevin Bacon
  • Connections to the Telluride Film Festival and jobs in the film industry through generations of DFS alumni
  • Friends who are always game to see a movie with you!

Meetings are held Tuesdays at 6 pm in Wilson Hall Room 205, open to Dartmouth students only. To get on our weekly email list and be the first to know when filmmakers are visiting campus, email

Loew Auditorium

History of the Dartmouth Film Society

Formally launched in 1949 (with W.C. Fields’ "Million Dollar Legs"), the DFS was the first student organization in the United States to bring to a college campus a program of films which were not likely to be shown at the local theater, in the classrooms, by clubs or elsewhere.