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If it's winter, it's awards season again, and the Hop is your place for the best and the brightest in new cinema.

We'll continue our tradition of screenings enriched by live guests. These Hop Film Events offer an inside look at the filmmaking process and explore the deep context around our cinematic subjects. We are particularly honored to host members of the Osage Nation and artists for a conversation on how film can unearth and reshape our understanding of history.

Life and love can be messy, and winter's Film Society theme It's Complicated explores tricky relationships, forbidden love and romance gone wrong. You can enjoy those classics throughout the term, alongside red-carpet favorites, striking indie films and immersive, multimedia experiences.

Film Calendar

This winter, our live guests offer a wealth of perspectives and knowledge. Following the screening of the much anticipated Killers of the Flower Moon (January 7), we are joined in a public conversation by several members of the Osage Nation on January 16. Chief Geoffrey Standing Bear, the film's assistant creative director Addie Roanhorse, film consultant Marla Redcorn-Miller '89 and actor Yancey Red Corn will discuss their role in the film and its place in the historical record. Another guest providing historical context for his work is film director/klezmer musician Yale Strom, whose bittersweet documentary Carpati: 50 Miles, 50 Years paints a moving portrait of the last stronghold of Jewish life in the Carpathian region. In addition, director Josh Berman '00 takes us behind the scenes of his poignant documentary of resilience and athleticism, Full Circle, featuring intrepid sit-skier Trevor Kennison and adventurer Barry Corbet '58. 

Swifties, rejoice! If you missed America's pop sweetheart's electrifying tour, the concert film captures all the power and the glory of the extraordinary performer. Dancing will be encouraged.
The Film Society theme "It's Complicated" explores great cinematic representations of forbidden desires, difficult power dynamics, unrequited affections and sticky love triangles. From classics (Vertigo) and musicals (The Color Purple) to new angles on famous couples (Priscilla, Napoleon), nine films spotlight matters of the heart this season.

We have to give a shoutout to actor Andrew Scott, who is having a moment on stage and screen this year. The love interest in Fleabag (Hot Priest) is doing double duty here as a screenwriter exploring his past and new love in All of Us Strangers and a powerful one-man performer in National Theater Live's Vanya.

And if you're working on your Oscar ballot, you can find many of the frontrunners at the Hop, including the Oscar Nominated Short Films, Poor Things, The Boy and the Heron, The Zone of Interest and more. Another one on the predictions list is the poetic, immersive documentary 32 Sounds, which invites you to experience the power of sound as it bends time, crosses borders and shapes our perception of the world.

Hop Film is funded in part by the Orton Hicks 1921 Film Fund and the Philip Fowler 1927 Fund for the Hopkins Center.

1/5 at 7 pm Priscilla*
1/7 at 1 pm  Killers of the Flower Moon
1/11 at 7 pm Vertigo*
1/12 at 7 pm Napoleon
1/14 at 7 pm Full Circle with Director Josh Berman '00 
1/16 at 5:00 pm  Osage Nation Leaders & Artists in Conversation 
1/20 + 21  32 Sounds | an immersive documentary and live sensory experience
1/26 at 7 pm Dream Scenario
1/27 at 7 pm Rustin 
1/28 at 4 pm The Philadelphia Story*
1/30 at 7 pm Carpati: 50 Miles, 50 Years 
2/2 at 7pm & 2/3 at 4 pm The Boy and the Heron
2/4 at 1 pm Mulholland Dr.*
2/9 at 7pm The Holdovers
2/10 at 7pm Interstellar
2/11 at 1 pm Menus-Plaisirs Les Troisgros 
2/14 at 7 pm Portrait of a Lady on Fire*
2/16 at 7 pm Total Trust
2/17 at 7 pm The Color Purple*
2/18 at 4 pm  Oscar-Nominated Shorts: Live Action 
2/22 at 7pm Anatomy of a Fall*
2/23 at 7 pm All of Us Strangers*
2/24 at 4 & 7 pm Oscar-Nominated Shorts: Animation
2/25 at 4 pm Oppenheimer
2/28 at 7 pm The Zone of Interest 
3/1 at 7 pm National Theatre Live: Vanya
3/2 at 7 pm Poor Things*
3/3 at 1 pm  Oscar-Nominated Shorts: Documentary
3/5 at 7pm Problemista

* Part of the It's Complicated Film Series.

Winter Films

Winter Films

It's Complicated Film Series

It's Complicated Film Series

Special Events

Osage Nation

Osage Nation Leaders & Artists in Conversation

January 16, 2024

Five guests from the Osage Nation share their experience in shaping the film Killers of the Flower Moon and the impact they hope it will have. Free & Unticketed

32 Sounds

32 Sounds

January 20 & 21, 2024

An immersive documentary and sensory experience from filmmaker Sam Green that explores the elemental phenomenon of sound.

Full Circle

Full Circle

January 14, 2023

Director Josh Berman '00 visits to present an exhilarating portrait of intrepid sit-skier Trevor Kennison and adventurer Barry Corbet '58, who faced spinal cord injuries with resilience and athleticism.

Carpati Film

Carpati: 50 Miles, 50 Years

January 30, 2024

A moving portrait of the last stronghold of Jewish life in a once vibrant region, as seen through the eyes of a Holocaust survivor returning to his hometown. Free & Unticketed