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Dear Friends,

The Hopkins Center for the Arts was imagined over 60 years ago as a central place of intersection; not just for Dartmouth or for the Upper Valley or even for a specific artistic practice, but for a world deeply in need of ways to learn how to live together, welcome difference and manage change. 

The original Hop sought to spark creative impulses and interest through unexpected encounters between people and art. And now, a newly imagined Hop will open these experiences to a global community and help us meet the vital need for tomorrow's learning, expression and exchange through the arts.
Whether we enter the Hop as an arts lover or maker, we hope to emerge with just a little bit more knowledge, experience and joy. To open our eyes to the experiences of others and bring into the world more empathetic and creative ways of being. Today I share our new vision for an expanded and reimagined Hopkins Center. 

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These initial renderings represent a pivotal moment in our multi-year work with Snøhetta. I hope they will inspire you as they inspire us and ground our shared excitement for the ideas and opportunities to come. 
Over the next weeks and months, we will continue to share our progress, as together we build a true "center" of exchange—one that pulses at the heart of campus, radiating the arts across the curriculum, the Dartmouth experience and the world.

Thank you, as always.


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Mary Lou Aleskie
Howard L. Gilman '44 Director
Hopkins Center for the Arts


Hopkins Center for the Arts

Arts at the Core

Students are going to enter a world of change and complexity, with lots of different cultures, different belief systems, and kinds of people. The arts are a place where you can explore that complexity with kindness and grace and a spirit of learning. By making an interdisciplinary Arts District right at the center of campus, we are inviting our entire student body to come together and create. Laurel J. Richie ’81, Chair of the Hopkins Center Board of Advisors