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Forge your own path as an artist. Explore some of the many careers an arts major can pursue.

Works in film, TV, commercials, theater, theme parks, etc. Salary can be highly variable. Graduate school can be helpful but is not necessary.
Field of Study: Film/Theater
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Produces images that appear to come to life on screen, including feature films, commercials, pop videos, computer games, websites and other media
Field of Study: Film
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Art Collection Inventory Specialist
Responsible for the day-to-day oversight and preservation of the objects of the museum collection.
Field of Study: Arts Administration

Art Museum Curator
Collects, exhibits, interprets, maintains and protects objects of historical and aesthetic importance primarily in museums, libraries and private collections. Responsible for the safety and proper presentation of the works. In library work, sometimes referred to as archivists.
Field of Study: Arts Administration
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Artistic Director, Regional Theater
Responsible for conceiving, developing and implementing the artistic vision and focus of a theater company. Typically reports to the chief administrative officer, although in some companies, the two positions are combined into one.
Field of Study: Theater

Associate Producer
Assists the producer in putting together a TV program or film. Duties may include writing, editing, organizing scripts, running the teleprompter in news casts, or helping the editor by making beat calls.
Field of Study: Film/TV

Casting Director
Organizes and facilitates the casting of actors for all the roles in a film. Works closely with the director and producer to understand their requirements; suggests ideal artists for each role; and arranges and conducts interviews and auditions.
Field of Study: Film/TV

Costume Designer
Designs costumes for a film, stage production or television; design includes balancing the scenes with texture and colour, etc.
Field of Study: Film/Theater

Curatorial Assistant
Assists the main curator in whatever tasks are necessary. Commonly, curatorial assistants continue their studies as they work.
Field of Study: Arts Administration

Director, Arts Engagement
Responsible for the management and supervision of all engagement programming and staff. Creates and facilitates educational curriculum, programming and materials for all ages; works on audience engagement for programming, etc.
Field of Study: Arts Administration

Director, Film
Works alongside every member of the film production team, from the actors and producers to the lighting technicians and camera operators. Dictates the style, the pace and the impact of a film. Oversees everything from casting and set design to lighting and editing.
Field of Study: Film

Director, Theater
Hold auditions to select the acting cast members; collaborates with the technical crew, which may consist of lighting, sound, set and costume designers; blocks the play by adapting the actor movements to workable floor plans on the set.
Field of Study: Theater

Executive Assistant
A generalist position and often necessary entry point for a career in many arts fields, enabling the employee to learn from experienced leaders in a given field, be it music, theater or film.
Field of Study: Music/Film/Theater/Arts Administration

Film Archivist
Locates original materials produced in a variety of formats, including photographs, documents, recordings and film; preserves these materials in a digital format for long-term storage and preservation.
Field of Study: Film
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Graphic Designer
Creates visual concepts, by hand or using computer software, to communicate ideas that inspire, inform or captivate consumers; develops the layout and production design for advertisements, brochures, magazines and corporate reports.
Field of Study: Graphic Design

Museum Educator
Leader of educational outreach to community and local schools. Necessary to have experience prior working at museums.
Field of Study: Arts Administration

Music Agent
Works with artists to grow their careers, whether at a large or small agency. Require persistence and people skills.
Field of Study: Music

Music Teacher
Typical responsibilities of the job include: planning and preparing lessons in relation to individual pupils' needs and examination syllabuses, teaching music theory, aural skills, etc.
Field of Study: Music

Paid to perform in either ensembles or alone; requires extreme dedication to instrument and craft.
Field of Study: Music
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NFL Films Videographer/Editor
Dedicated to creating content (commercials, promos) for NFL Films. Based in Mount Laurel, NJ.
Field of Study: Film

Performing Arts Teacher
Responsibilities may include creating lesson plans, teaching students about plays and the history of drama, assisting students in creating their own dramatic pieces, etc.
Field of Study: Theater

Production Assistant
Good entry-level position for someone interested in working in film/TV industry. Assists with various needs of the production team, has opportunity to gain exposure and meet a variety of people.
Field of Study: Film

Publicity Assistant
Varies depending on field (i.e. theater vs. music vs. film), but key responsibilities include assisting in publicity campaigns and providing support to publicity executives.
Field of Study: Film

Sales Coordinator for an Art Auction House
Works on project teams that manage sales of important or unique art. Great knowledge of art required.
Field of Study: Arts Administration
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Writes scripts for television and film. Largely freelance. Salary is highly variable.
Field of Study: Film
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Script Supervisor
Good entry-level position for someone interested in working in film/TV industry. Works as part of the camera department to make sure that the production has continuous verbal and visual integrity and does not contain distracting continuity errors.
Field of Study: Film

Technical Director, Theater
The resident technical expert who supervises the activities of the theater's technical departments—from lighting to carpentry—and oversees the use and maintenance of theater equipment.
Field of Study: Theater

Ticket Services, Theater
The primary point of contact for the theater customers; manage ticket sales.
Field of Study: Theater/Arts Administration

Paid to perform in either ensembles or alone; requires extreme dedication to instrument (voice) and craft.
Field of Study: Music
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