Arts Integration Project Videos

The Arts Integration projects bring the arts into dialogue with a wide range of disciplines in the sciences and humanities. These endeavors have yielded a variety of outcomes, including exhibitions, concerts, interactive websites and beyond. Learn more about how some of these projects were developed and their final product.

Envisioning and Enabling a Just Energy Transition in the Upper Valley

Sarah Kelly, Program Manager for the Energy Justice Clinic at the Irving Institute for Energy & Society and a Lecturer in the Geography Department | Maron Greenleaf, Assistant Professor, Department of Anthropology
How can the transition away from fossil fuels be socially just in rural, cold and economically diverse regions like the Upper Valley? This project brings together anthropology, geography, the visual arts and community and student engagement. It pairs ethnographic research on the 'just transition' with the execution of a community mural in White River Junction, Vermont with the nonprofit COVER Home Repair. It also supports a linked student-led solarpunk art initiative on campus.
2023 Arts Integration Grant

The transmedial translation of the novel Amadoka: How text becomes clay and clay becomes music

Veronika Yadukha, Comparative Literature MA
The transmedial translation of the novel Amadoka: How Text Becomes Clay and Clay Becomes Music is a project about finding ways to perform a literary piece based on traumatic Ukrainian history by creating conditions to have a personal sonic experience of the fictional story. In collaboration with ceramic artists in Oaxaca, Mexico, Veronika will transpose the metaphors of the novel into musical instruments that she will make and present to the audience as the narrative sound translation of Sofia Andrukhovych's novel.
2023 Arts Integration Grant

The Art of Human Biology in Health & Disease

Lee Witters, Eugene W. Leonard 1921 Professor of Medicine, Medical Education and Biochemistry & Cell Biology, Geisel School of Medicine
With the help of undergraduate students, Witters will assemble materials accumulated over five decades of teaching that bridge the intersection between art and biology useful in holistic teaching of how art can both inform and stimulate STEM students' engagement of and interest in molecular/cellular/physiologic details of human health and disease. Newly found material, in the Hood Museum collection and other sources, will be added with the intent to create a teaching resource for others.
2023 Arts Integration Grant

Resonant Healing

Sage Palmedo, Geisel School of Medicine Student, Health and Humanities Scholar
With soaring rates of mental health issues since the pandemic, medical student and musician Sage Palmedo banks on the power of music to nurture our collective health. Her project is an immersive, healing sound installation that aims to connect Dartmouth's medical and arts communities through experiential research in collaboration with faculty, students and visiting artists.
2022 Arts Integration Grant

Black COVID Care

Allie Martin, Mellon Faculty Fellow, Music Department | Armond Dorsey '20, Digital Musics MA '23
How have Black people cared for one another during the pandemic? This project shifts the focus from the disproportionately negative narratives about Black life during COVID to display stories of care and community. With music and sound studies at its core, the website is set with a backdrop of stars in the galaxy, and users are able to build interactive, sonic "constellations," seeing and hearing both individual stories as well as interconnected lineages of care. View the project here >
2022 Arts Integration Grant

PortrAIts: Digital Portraiture and Social Identity

Mary Flanagan, Chair, Film & Media Studies Department | Egemen Sahin '23 | Clara Pakman '23
Biases run surprisingly rampant in technological tools. In this project, Professor Mary Flanagan and her student team use feminist AI to explore gender bias in the context of art and science and to create new works from female artists based on specific training data and algorithms. GLITCHLAB will create technological artworks that aim to bridge art and technology in both the gallery setting as well as visibly on campus to spur discussions about the role of art in our technologically saturated times.
2022 Arts Integration Grant

Hacking Grains: An Installation & Performance Project

Trevor Van de Velde '22
This project transforms the banal and relatively quiet process of cooking rice into a sonified collective experience. Digital Musics student Trevor Van de Velde combines his yearning for live music and social eating during the pandemic with his penchant for recycling and repurposing old appliances—in this case 18 semi-working rice cookers. As the cookers unleash their cacophony, Asian-identifying performers join them for a performance that bridges technology, ritual, community and Asian identity.
2022 Arts Integration Grant