Dartmouth College Wind Ensemble Winter 2020

Dartmouth College Wind Ensemble - Auditions

Audition Information

If you are interested in auditioning for the Winter or Spring term of the Dartmouth College Wind Ensemble, please contact director Brian Messier by email at brian.e.messier@dartmouth.edu.

Audition Requirements

  • One or two solo selections or study etudes of your choice that best display your current playing ability: 4-6 total minutes of music; contrasting selections recommended.
  • Major and Chromatic Scales
  • Sight-reading

Percussion Specific Requirements:

  • Prepared piece of your choice on snare drum: required
  • Prepared piece of your choice on marimba: optional
  • Major Scales on Marimba: required if no prepared marimba piece
  • Auxiliary demos: required; crash cymbals, triangle, tambourine
  • Sight-Reading: required; your choice of snare drum or marimba
  • Timpani will not be available at the audition 

Acceptance and Participation Parameters:

  • Every effort is made to provide a space for any and all students who demonstrate the ability to play their instrument at the level required for DCWE repertoire. In the unusual event that space limitations preclude accepting all qualified candidates, preference will go to returning members in good standing. 
  • Returning members in good standing are guaranteed a spot in the DCWE for as long as they continue to participate. If returning members choose not to play while on campus, they must audition for readmittance. Not playing while abroad or off-term will not require an audition for readmittance. 
  • All members must re-audition every year for admittance and/or part assignment. 

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Any questions about auditions may be directed to brian.e.messier@dartmouth.edu.