Strike Anywhere Performance Ensemble

Strike Anywhere

Neighborhood stories are transformed into art.

To prepare for POP UP, a series of immersive site-specific performances inspired by the stories and impressions of community members, Strike Anywhere Performance Ensemble (NYC) spends two weeks in residence at the Hop. In the months leading up to the performance, the ensemble members station themselves in busy spots around town to interview people and map out places of significance. This directly informs the locations and happenings of the performance this fall. They also led two Soundpainting workshops to teach people a special form of live composition and improvisation and to allow local community members to be part of the Soundpainting choir in the show. You'll see your neighborhood in a new light!

You can also expect to see some familiar faces in the show! POP UP invites actors, dancers, singers, musicians and visual artists from our community to rehearse with the company and perform in the final show. As members of the "ephemeral choir," folks participate in two rehearsals to learn the live composition and improvisation technique of Soundpainting with the company and stage the finale of the show. Learn more about how to get involved here.

About Strike Anywhere

Established in 1997, the Strike Anywhere Performance Ensemble is an interdisciplinary collective of world-class improvisers. The company creates provocative performances and innovative education programs that promote empathy, creativity and civic engagement. SA performances always feature live music, physical theater and dance. Strike Anywhere is the preeminent theatre company in the United States practicing Soundpainting, a universal sign language developed by composer Walter Thompson for live composition with improvisers. Strike Anywhere has performed and taught in over 200 venues in 16 states and eight countries.   

About Soundpainting

In POP UP, Soundpainting is the key tool used to shape the performances. Soundpainting is a universal sign language for live-composition. The language comprises over 1500 signs and allows a conductor/composer to sculpt a performance in real-time with improvising actors, musicians, dancers and visual artists. The technique was created by N.Y. composer Walter Thompson during the late 1970's for use with jazz musicians. It has evolved into a multidisciplinary language that is practiced worldwide.

Top photo by Stefano Giovannini