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2021 Oscar Nominated Shorts

April 2–30

Here's your exclusive chance to see this year's nominees in the Animation, Live Action and Documentary categories before the Oscars.

20/21 Hop Film

Public: $12 per film or $30 for all three films
Dartmouth employees: $5 per film, sold individually
Hop Members & Dartmouth students: Free tickets,* sold individually
*These shows have a limited number of free tickets.

When you rent the film, you will have through Fri, Apr 30 to watch it.
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2021 Oscar Nominated Short Films (Trailer)


Animated Shorts (1h39m - Rated PG-13)

Burrow – Madeline Sharafian & Michael Capbarat (USA, 6m)
Genius Loci – Adrien Mérigeau & Amaury Ovise (France, 16m)
If Anything Happens I Love You – Will McCormack & Michael Govier (USA, 12m)
Opera – Erick Oh (USA, 9m)
Yes-People – Gísli Darri Halldórsson & Arnar Gunnarsson (Iceland, 8m)

The Snail and the Whale (UK/Germany, 26m)
Kapaemahu (USA, 8m)
To Gerard (USA, 7m)

Live Action Shorts (2h10m, Rated R)

Feeling Through – Doug Roland & Susan Ruzenski (USA, 19m)
The Letter Room – Elvira Lind & Sofia Sondervan (USA, 33m)
The Present – Farah Nabulsi (Palestine, 25m)
Two Distant Strangers – Travon Free & Martin Desmond Roe (USA, 25m)
White Eye – Tomer Shushan & Shira Hochman (Israel, 21m)

Documentary Shorts (2h16m, Rated R)

Colette – Anthony Giacchino & Alice Doyard (France/Germany/USA, 24m)
A Concerto Is a Conversation – Ben Proudfoot & Kris Bowers (USA, 13m)
Do Not Split – Anders Hammer & Charlotte Cook (USA/Norway, 36m)
Hunger Ward – Skye Fitzgerald & Michael Scheuerman (USA, 40m)
A Love Song for Latasha – Sophia Nahli Allison & Janice Duncan (USA, 18m)

Read IndieWire's review of the Doc nominees >

More Films On Demand

More Films On Demand

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