February 07, 2020

This event occurred as part of the 19/20 Hop Film season. This is an archived view.

Set on the coast of Senegal, Mati Diop's groundbreaking, Cannes award-winning debut is both a beautiful ghost story and an indictment of the global refugee crisis.


Renowned French actress Mati Diop (35 Shots of Rum) catapults onto the international stage as the first black female director ever in competition at Cannes, delivering a haunting romance which traverses the line between magic and realism. 

On the coast of Senegal, teenager Ada is stuck in an arranged marriage after her true love, Souleimane, is lost at sea, but when Souleimane returns to haunt her and her town, an unforgettable tale of love and possession ensues. Backed by an eerie synth score and stunning cinematography, Diop's captivating genre-bender creates an atmosphere of seductive mystery—with more than a few surprises. D: Mati Diop, Belgium/France/Senegal, subtitled, 2019

“One almost hesitates to classify Diop’s movie as an art-genre hybrid, which risks giving away some nifty surprises and diminishing its distinctiveness.”

Los Angeles Times

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