Beau Is Afraid
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Beau Is Afraid

July 01, 2023

This event occurred as part of the 23/24 Hop Film season. This is an archived view.

Laugh, cry and cringe with Joaquin Phoenix in one of the most daring works of cinematic artistry in recent years.

23/24 Hop Film

Beau Is Afraid | Official Trailer HD | A24


From Ari Aster (Hereditary, Midsommar) comes a twisted black comedy, a veritable odyssey through the Oedipal wormhole of Beau Wasserman's (Joaquin Phoenix) anxieties, memories and imagination. Nathan Lane, Parker Posey and Amy Ryan join Phoenix as a few of Beau's guides and tormentors on his arduous journey to visit his disapproving mother. Aster's film is a raucous, chaotically unexpected time at the movies, the crystallization of an idiosyncratic vision made possible through enormous resources, unfailing trust in the filmmaker's intent and a miraculously versatile cast of tragicomic performers.

D: Ari Aster, US, 2023, 2h59m

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Beau Is Afraid is abrasive and dense, but that’s to be saluted.”

David Sims, The Atlantic
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