Biomimetic Choreography Workshop
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Biomimetic Choreography

Co-presented with the Vermont Dance Alliance as part of the Science of Dance Symposium
April 01, 2023

This event occurred as part of the 22/23 Classes & Workshops season. This is an archived view.

An embodied exploration of dance as data visualization and how non-human movements—from birds to bacteria—can be catalysts for choreographic ideas.

22/23 Classes & Workshops

Biologist/dancer Dr. Trout-Haney will guide us through the trajectory of her research, beginning with a presentation on bird activity in Nova Scotia, where we will use bird calls and movements to instigate improvisational prompts.

In the second part, she will expand on the idea of alternative data visualization, and she will use movement and the choreographic process to help understand the life cycles and characteristics of cyanobacteria. Models as small as the life cycle of an individual bacteria to as large as the generational effects of climate change on polar lakes will be used to inspire group work and collaborative practice.

This use of scientific research to inspire movement and choreography follows neatly in the life and work of Dr. Trout-Haney. The workshop is the newest experience in Big Move: a Hop series of dance experiences and discussions that pairs inventive dance artists with wide-ranging areas of research here at Dartmouth.

This event is co-presented with the Vermont Dance Alliance as part of the Science of Dance Symposium. Learn more >


Jessica Trout-Haney is an aquatic ecologist and a postdoctoral researcher in the Biology Department at Dartmouth. She has always loved merging science with the arts and received her BS and BA at the University of New Hampshire, majoring in Zoology and German with minors in Dance and Music. Jessica received her MS in Biology at Villanova University where she studied the breeding biology of birds on an island in Nova Scotia, and her PhD in Biology at Dartmouth on Arctic lakes in Greenland. Her current research investigates cyanobacteria and the toxins they produce, including how they affect aquatic food webs and their routes of exposure to humans and the terrestrial environment. Her work also addresses these questions in Arctic and Antarctic environments, where lakes and ponds are experiencing powerful climate-related changes.

As a dance artist, Jessica has specialized in tap, jazz and aerial dance forms. She has been a member of the Dartmouth Dance Ensemble since 2016 and is a tap instructor at The Dance Collective in West Lebanon, New Hampshire.


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