Blue Jean
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Blue Jean

July 23, 2023

This event occurred as part of the 23/24 Hop Film season. This is an archived view.

A searing British drama of a woman forced to choose between her identity and her livelihood during the homophobic Thatcher regime.

23/24 Hop Film

Blue Jean - Official Trailer | In Theaters June 9 | Directed by Georgia Oakley


In Georgia Oakley's powerhouse directorial debut, Jean (Rosy McEwan) leads a double life: she's a lesbian and a gym teacher. Under Margaret Thatcher's conservative government, that dichotomy could cost Jean her job. But when a new student enters her class, Jean may have to choose between her livelihood and being a role model. In the great cinematic tradition of British social realism, this urgent and humane drama pulses with timely relevance. As America and other liberal democracies experience renewed efforts to politicize and demonize openly queer individuals in classroom settings, Blue Jean offers an impassioned character study of those caught in the crosshairs and the difficult choices they're forced to make.

D: Georgia Oakley, UK, 2023, 1h37m

Cosponsored by Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies.

Free admission for all students.

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“A drama very much rooted in an incendiary political issue but one in which the activism remains background texture for an intimate character study.”

David Rooney, Hollywood Reporter
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