Virtual Student Showcase


and the Speculative Narrative in Multi-Ethnic Cinema

A student showcase consisting of eight short films created for Prof. Shevaun Mizrahi's Docu-Fantasy class (FILM44.07), Fall 2021.

21/22 Hop Film

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Duration: 1h5m

A Call Home
A collage-style film which delves into the experience of being a new person in a new place.
Naya Lunney '25 (6m)

A top-down portrait of a human-dependent system in a college food court. 
Malik Terrab '25, (5m)

Echo is an experimental oral history of a Korean-American family which reframes the Echo & Narcissus story from Greek mythology to tell the story of the relationship between the American-born filmmaker and her Korean mother.
Tiffany Chang '23 (8m) 

The Case of a Hummus Plate
This documentary felt like an emotional rollercoaster of resilience, hopelessness, trauma, laughter... and accompanying my journey were a whole lot of cartoons.
Tala Majzoub '22 (8m)

Muttering on the Road
A young man walks down a dimly lit road in the middle of the night, muttering something to himself.
Sehwan Lim '24 (3m) 

An experimental documentary that explores Bema through time and people.
Khonzo '22 (7m)

River, Road
A refugee from the Chilean military dictatorship recalls a key moment in her life a year before moving to America. 
Bernardo De Nardi '23 (8m) 
Fall Well Again
An externalization of internal dialogue imagines relationships between self, time, change, and place in this film that explores how somewhere can be haunted by the living, and haunt them in turn.
Emily Charland '19 (6m)

"A Call Home was my first independently created film. Throughout production I was able to explore interesting camera, audio, and post production techniques which I hope to continue to develop throughout my filmmaking career. I am really excited by films which use personal stories to communicate universal truths, so I made sure to incorporate that into my storytelling style."
—Naya Lunney '25

"I was inspired to make this film because of a deep appreciation I have for the unknown workers that run the systems which we all rely on, being raised by two." —Malik Terrab '25

"A quit about my experience making the film: Making this film gave me the opportunity to bring everything my mother taught me into my academic and creative experiences as a student at Dartmouth. I'll forever be grateful for the ways Shevaun and my classmates encouraged me to honor the legacies of oral tradition in keeping the stories of the past alive, particularly for Korean Americans who often have fragmented understandings of their cultural heritage."
—Tiffany Chang '23

"I respect the imagination of my audience."
—Sehwan Lim '24

"A winding and long process with a million different cuts."
—Khonzo '22

"Making this film was a beautiful journey for me. It began as something entirely different and ended with intense reflection. I took each image with the intent to document whatever moved me, whatever I found interesting and compelling. I let myself discover the essence in the making, and the work emerged as I engaged more and more in these deeply personal and observational moments."
—Emily Charland '19

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