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Fellows Hanunder
Special Event
Hop Fellows Event

Hanunder Festival

February 22 - 24, 2024

This event occurred as part of the 23/24 Special Event season. This is an archived view.

You've been to Hanover. But have you ever been to Hanunder?

23/24 Special Event

We invite you to flip 180 degrees and look at Hanover from a different angle: see it in its diversity, its innovation, and that sheer creative energy that subverts and surprises.

Dartmouth student artists take center stage at Hanunder. Curated and produced by this year's cohort of Hopkins Center Fellows, this artistic extravaganza celebrates student artists of every discipline from every corner of campus. From breathtaking sculptures and student films to raucous bands and DJ sets, there will be something for everyone to enjoy.

Day 1: Embrace

Thursday, February 22, 6 - 9 pm

Brandon Mioduszewski | Old Things, The Quarry
Malik C. Terrab | Picnic in the Clouds, Morocco on Super 8
Sascha Agenor | Resignation Letter
Shakeb Arsalan | The Fascination of Her Glorious Creation
Polly Chesnokova | i sweat into the earth as i repair it, Our Shadows

Visual Art Opening
Dartmouth Undergraduate Crocheting and Knitting Society (DUCKS):
    Julia Csorba, Virginia Coffey, Anna Byrd 
Roan V. Wade | Installation series
Hosaena Tilahun | Photography Prints
Sascha Agenor | Paintings
Ulysses Hill | Photography
Ivy Fu | Multimedia Installation

Day 2: Aspire

Friday, February 23, 8 - 11 pm 

Music - Jazz and Solo Artists, Poetry, Theatre
067 Jazz Quartet | Music
Edgar Morales | Poetry
Tanaka Chikati | Music
Sylvie Benson | Music
Displaced Theatre | Two short plays

Day 3: Transcend

Saturday, February 24, 8 - 11 pm

Music - Rock/Pop, Indie, DJ & Drag Show
Gibberish | Indie Band
Exit 13 | Pop/Rock
Clara Pakman | DJ
House of Lewan | Drag show

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