James Baldwin Abroad
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James Baldwin Abroad

April 15, 2023

Three short films, from 1968 to 1973, show James Baldwin traveling and living abroad, as he wrestles candidly with the reasons for his alienation from America.

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This program of three short films reveals author and activist James Baldwin around the world—in Istanbul, Paris and London—reflecting on his status as a man estranged from his country because of his race, politics and public profile. These films find Baldwin in moods ranging from confessional and serene, to testy and elusive, to vehement and outspoken. But he is always lucid and eloquent, offering a necessary, indignant perspective on the state of racial politics in the late-60s and early-70s, here and abroad. As a collection, these films are a portrait, a time-capsule and a cry for change that remains timeless.

Total Runtime: 1h24m

James Baldwin: From Another Place
D: Sedat Pakay, Turkey, 1973, 12m

Meeting the Man: James Baldwin in Paris
D: Terence Dixon, UK, 1971, 26m

Baldwin's N*****
D: Horace Ové, UK, 1968, 46m

“The films show how hard Baldwin worked to express his ideas about American racism, imperialism and the roles white and Black people play in revolutionary movements.”

The Hollywood Reporter
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