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Student Workshops: Make It At Home

Jewelry Series #1

introduction to 3D modeling
October 07

This event occurred as part of the 20/21 Workshops season. This is an archived view.

Join us via Zoom for hands-on jewelry projects that can be done at home.

20/21 Workshops

Series #1

Cost: $25
Instructors: Jeff Georgantes and Case Hathaway-Zepeda
Includes: 2 sessions below; all tools and materials
Open to Dartmouth students only.

Registration has ended.

Make It At Home scholarship funding is available.
For information, please email Sherry Fiore.

No refunds after registration ends.

Email T.Jeffrey.Georgantes@dartmouth.edu for more information.
Sponsored in part by the Friends of the Student Workshops

Introduction to 3D modeling using Fusion 360

Session 1: Wed, Sep 30, 5-6 pm ET 

Using AutoDesk Fusion360 software, students will build a band ring with embossed text.

Session 2: Wed, Oct 7, 5-6 pm ET 

Finalize and upload your design to Shapeways. Each person in the class will receive their ring in bronze!

Jewelry Studio at the Hop
The Donald Claflin Jewelry Studio

Jewelry Open Studio Tuesday, Friday, Saturday 1–5 pm Wednesday & Thursday 1–9 pm • No Charge. Pay for the materials you use. • Open to all on-campus Dartmouth students. • Limited availability. 8...

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