Small Screen Fun: Ken Burns
#SmallScreenFun Virtual Chat

Ken Burns and "Muhammad Ali"

with co-directors Sarah Burns and David McMahon

Join us for clips and live conversation with the creative team behind the upcoming PBS series "Muhammad Ali."

21/22 Hop Film Event

Filmmaker Ken Burns returns this summer with a virtual sneak peek at his newest series, joined by co-directors David McMahon and Sarah Burns, who have previously collaborated with him on The Central Park Five (2013) and Jackie Robinson (2016). This four-part, eight-hour film takes a deep dive into Ali's life, exploring one of the world's most iconic figures, including his extraordinary athleticism, his pacifism, his fearlessness in breaking stereotypes and his deep ties to the Nation of Islam. The evening will include clips from the film and conversation about the making of Muhammad Ali, which premieres on PBS September 19–22.


Ken Burns, David McMahon, Sarah Burns
Ken Burns, David McMahon and Sarah Burns

Photos courtesy of the artists


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