The Man Who Sold His Skin
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The Man Who Sold His Skin

May 1-31

This event occurred as part of the 20/21 Hop Film season. This is an archived view.

Desperate to reach his girlfriend in Europe, a Syrian refugee agrees to have his back tattooed by a famous, controversial artist.

20/21 Hop Film

THE MAN WHO SOLD HIS SKIN Trailer (2021) Oscars 2021, Monica Bellucci Drama Movie

An Oscar nominee for Best International Feature this year, The Man Who Sold His Skin is a searingly incisive look at immigration, capitalism and the nature of art. Lustrous, intense and compulsively watchable, this acclaimed drama follows Sam Ali, a young and sensitive Syrian who leaves his country to escape the war. In order to travel to Europe to live with the love of his life, Sam loans his back as a canvas to a famous, controversial artist. But as the tattoo is completed and Sam explores his new life as a traveling piece of human artwork, what initially seemed to be a ticket to freedom is revealed to be anything but. Skin succeeds as both a satire of elitist and manipulative art circles, as well as a critique of the world's dehumanizing apathy towards the international refugee crisis. D: Kaouther Ben Hania, Tunisia, subtitled, 2020, 1h44m.

American Fiction
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