Marcel the Shell
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Marcel the Shell with Shoes On

October 16, 2022

This event occurred as part of the 22/23 Hop Film season. This is an archived view.

Beloved internet sensation Marcel (Jenny Slate) gets his big-screen debut in this hilarious, heartwarming story about finding connection in the smallest corners.

22/23 Hop Film

Marcel The Shell With Shoes On | Official Trailer HD | A24


Marcel (Jenny Slate) is an adorable one-inch-tall shell who ekes out a colorful existence with his grandmother Connie (Isabella Rossellini) and their pet lint, Alan. Once part of a sprawling community of shells, they now live alone as the sole survivors of a mysterious tragedy. But Marcel possesses a distinctly uncorny optimism founded on admirable self-love. When a documentary filmmaker discovers them amongst the clutter of his Airbnb, the short film he posts online brings Marcel millions of passionate fans, as well as unprecedented dangers and a new hope at finding his long-lost family. D: Dean Fleischer-Camp, US, 2022, 1h30m

"Marcel the Shell seamlessly marries big ideas with charm and humor (and inventive stop-motion work to boot)." –IndieWire

"Many films claim to be an antidote to this moment in history, but Marcel's flick might be the first one I've seen in the past two years that actually fits that bill." –The Hollywood Reporter

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