Official Secrets

Official Secrets

November 02, 2019

This event occurred as part of the 19/20 Hop Film season. This is an archived view.

Keira Knightley battles British intelligence in this riveting real-life thriller about a whistleblower who tried to prevent the Iraq War.


This morality tale for the 21st century tells the true story of Katharine Gun (Keira Knightley), a woman working for a secretive British intelligence agency who is tasked with monitoring foreign correspondence. When she comes across a confidential memo from the US's National Security Agency urging the UK to assist in coercing smaller, undecided United Nations member states to vote for the 2003 Iraq invasion, she faces a moral quandary: turn whistleblower or passively condone illegal activities that will have grave consequences. 

Accused of treason after leaking classified documents, Katharine enlists the help of an investigative journalist (Matt Smith) and a human rights lawyer (Ralph Fiennes) who may have to question the legality of the entire Iraq War in order to win her case. Weaving together espionage, investigative journalism, courtroom drama and politics, director Gavin Hood crafts a tightly paced thriller that delivers on every level. D: Gavin Hood, UK, 2019

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