Portal to the Sky at the Hop

A Portal to the Sky

Cinema and Space
June 24, 2019

This event occurred as part of the 18/19 Hop Film season. This is an archived view.

Travel among the moon and stars with an evening of innovative short films. Part of SHIFT.

SHIFT 2019

Each film is an artistic celebration of the sky, space and worlds beyond, using real images as the source material.

Meridian Plain (Laura Kraning 2K, b/w 2018 18 min)
MERIDIAN PLAIN maps an enigmatic distant landscape excavated from hundreds of thousands of archival still images, forecasting visions of a possible future, transmitted from a mechanical eye.

Observando el Cielo (Jeanne Liotta, soundtrack by Peggy Ahwesh, 2007, 16mm, 19 min)
Seven years of celestial field recordings gathered from the chaos of the cosmos and inscribed onto 16mm film from various locations upon this turning tripod Earth. This work is neither a metaphor nor a symbol, but is feeling towards a fact in the midst of perception, which time flows through. Natural VLF radio recordings of the magnetosphere in action allow the universe to speak for itself.

Lunar Almanac (Malena Szlam Salazar, 2013, 16 mm, 4 min)
Moving through landscapes and inhabiting landscapes, the moon is on a journey through magnetic spheres, influencing the subtle energies on Earth. The moon becomes “moons” as it oscillates within its own margins of size and shape.


Enrichment Event

Join Astronomy Prof. Ryan Hicox for stargazing on the Maffei Plaza after the show. There will be telescopes, late-night snacks, and hopefully a clear sky to see Jupiter! BYOB - bring your own blanket!





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