Hop@Home: The Gottabees

Puppetry Play w/ The Gottabees

Lollipops for Breakfast & Other Interactive Fun
July 21, 2020

This event occurred as part of the 20/21 Hop@Home season. This is an archived view.

Join the adventure inside a rainbow pop-up book and learn how to puppeteer from wherever you are!

2020/21 Hop@Home

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Bonnie Duncan of The Gottabees joins us for a screen-sized sharing of part of their hit puppet show Lollipops for Breakfast. Joined by her trusty friend Bird, a determined Sylvie decides to make her own lollipop from scratch and gets lost in a magical pop-up cookbook along the way. Lollipops for Breakfast explores how to overcome obstacles by trying something new, failing and then trying again. Afterwards, Bonnie will lead a short hands-on activity to show you how to make a puppet with simple materials.

And if you're feeling inspired, try these related activities from The Gottabees to get your creative juices flowing before or after the show:

  • Make a pop-up stage:
  • Make a machine for your favorite treat (this works best in a group!):
    • Think about your favorite treat — what does it taste like? What is it made of? What is it shaped like?
    • Then, think about what kind of machine would make that treat. What kind of parts does it need?
    • Each person, create a simple movement for one of the parts in your machine. Consider twisting, turning, bending, cutting, snapping and more. Use your whole body!
    • If you want to, add a sound to your movement. Maybe a plunk, squeak, screech or whir. You decide.
    • Now, put those parts together. The group can choose how to join each part, considering how each action complements each other.
    • Once your group machine is complete, play with speed — work together to slow up or slow down. 

For more instructions, visit the DBI Network's activity page for "Machine." Have fun!

About The Gottabees

This Boston-based ensemble has been happily making "super fun theater for the whole family" for the past seven years. They have performed for audiences across New England, throughout the U.S. and beyond. You may recognize them from their shows Squirrel Stole My Underpants, Lollipops for Breakfast and Go Home Tiny Monster.

The Gottabees' mission is to inspire community, connection and joy by providing an outlet for families to giggle, gasp, sigh and cheer together.  They want children (and adults!) to know that they, too, can make theater wherever they are and whomever they are.  

Find out more about The Gottabees here, and check out their Try This At Home series, a collection of playful and theatrical activities that you can do at home with the whole family.

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