The Race to Alaska
Hop Film

The Race to Alaska

July 23, 2022

The best worst idea ever: an adrenaline-fueled, human powered, 750-mile boat race through the dangerous and spectacular wilderness of Alaska's Inside Passage.

22/23 Hop Film

The Race to Alaska – OFFICIAL TRAILER

When described as "The Iditarod on a boat, with a chance of drowning or being eaten by a grizzly bear," it's amazing anyone enters at all. No motors, no support—and nobody finishes without a story. Gale force winds, 15-knot currents, cold water, deep water, logs, bears, fatigue and endless unknowns. First prize: $10,000. Second prize: a set of steak knives. This new documentary explores the extreme and impressive individuals who accepted this utterly unique challenge. Funny, deeply irreverent and wholly inspiring (like the racers themselves), Race is a raw account of pulling through, again and again—a window into what collective stamina (or insanity!) looks like. D: Zach Carven, 2022, US

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