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October 29, 2021

This event occurred as part of the 21/22 Hop Film season. This is an archived view.

A charming meta-movie about the movie business with a light, Indian touch.

21/22 Hop Film

RK/RKAY Official Trailer

Director, writer and star Rajat Kapoor, the "godfather" of Indian independent film (Raghu Romeo, Ankhon Dekhi) channels Being John Malkovich and The Purple Rose of Cairo in this story about a film director whose main character usurps control of the plot line, and eventually, real life. 

RK is a filmmaker (Rajat Kapoor), making a new picture in which he also plays the lead character of Mahboob. With a high-maintenance actress as the female lead (Mallika Sherawat), the film-within-a film is a retro tribute to the cinema of the 1960s. When post-production begins, RK (who embodies both characters seamlessly) is shocked to find that Mahboob has run out of the film and entered the real world, fleeing from cartoonish killers. The many layers of the story—the multiple characters, unresolved plot lines, magical realism, and people in search of their destiny—all converge in this playful tale. D: Rajat Kapoor, India, subtitled, 2021

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