Shadow in the Cloud
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Shadow in the Cloud

March 10

Strap in for a rollicking girl-power adventure that blends WWII dogfights, gender dynamics and a gremlin to boot!

20/21 Hop Film

Looking for something completely different? In this fun, feminist thriller our heroine has her hands full fighting sexist boors, enemy fire and a gremlin all at once from the underside of a bomber during World War II.

At the center of this spectacle is Capt. Maude Garrett (Chloë Grace Moretz), a WAAF pilot transporting a top-secret package who joins the bomber's all-male crew in Auckland, New Zealand. The men's surprise at their new female crew member soon gives way to suspicion and sexist banter. But there's WAY more up in the skies than just Japanese fighters. Kiwi director Roseanne Liang mixes a "war is hell" mentality alongside cheeky, creature-feature jokes for a rip-roaring thrill ride unlike anything else. As Liang explains, "I made Shadow in the Cloud" because I wanted to see if I could find that sweet spot between fun, heart and spectacle." D: Roseanne Liang, NZ, 2021, 1h23m

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This event occurred as part of the 20/21 Hop Film season. This is an archived view.

“This is some goofy, wacky storytelling, and most of it works, coming in at a stealthy 82 minutes to wow you with impossible action sequences and send you on your way.”

“There’s never a moment in this rollicking film when you can tell what’s coming next.” 

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