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January 09, 2022

This event occurred as part of the 21/22 Hop Film season. This is an archived view.

Director Pablo Larraín (Jackie) delivers a psychological drama imagining a fateful holiday weekend when Princess Diana (Kristen Stewart) decides to leave her marriage.

21/22 Hop Film

SPENCER - Official Teaser Trailer - In Theaters November 5th

The marriage of Princess Diana (Kristen Stewart) and Prince Charles has long since grown cold. Though rumors of affairs and a divorce abound, peace is ordained for the Christmas festivities at the Queen's Sandringham Estate. There's eating and drinking, shooting and hunting. Diana knows the game. But this year, things will be profoundly different. Stewart is totally immersive and empathic as the tragic princess, with Larraín showcasing both the decadence and nightmarish claustrophobia of the British royal family. D: Pablo Larraín, UK, 2021, CC

American Fiction
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