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TEDxDartmouth 2021

May 15, 2021

This event occurred as part of the 20/21 Hop Hosted season. This is an archived view.

Six speakers invite us to reimagine the world through new, challenging and cross-disciplinary ideas—in short, "ideas worth spreading."

20/21 Hop Hosted

Planned and executed entirely by undergraduate volunteers, TEDxDartmouth is a conference that offers a platform for new, challenging, and cross-disciplinary ideas—in short, "ideas worth spreading."

The next few months, years and decades will require everyone to "Reimagine" the world around us. Change in the ways that we communicate, interact and consume content will only continue to evolve and adapt to new obstacles, challenges and technological advancements. At this year's TEDxDartmouth conference, our speakers will connect you to ideas, innovations and experiences that will encourage you to reimagine.

A philosophy major who packed up his life and visited 59 national parks in 59 weeks. An artist and photographer whose portraits make space for trauma and loss. A leadership coach who considers inspiration a vital tool for success. These are only a few of the ideas that will grace the TEDx virtual stage on May 15—our lineup of six speakers were carefully selected to challenge, educate and inspire our audience around our 2021 theme, "Reimagine."  

An in-person student watch party starts in the Hitchcock tent at 10am. Refreshments will be provided! Dartmouth polices apply regarding masks, social distancing and audience capacity.

Registration is not required for this event but you can click HERE to complete a brief TEDx survey and receive free swag. This event is produced by TEDxDartmouth and hosted by the Hop.

Darius Nabors
In 2016, Darius completed a trip to visit all 59 US National Parks in 59 weeks and celebrate the 100th anniversary of the National Park Service. During that time he started taking 360 photos of our country's National Parks. Those photos now have over 40-million views and he uses them to take school children and the elderly on virtual tours of our National Parks. At TEDx Dartmouth he is going to take us on a virtual tour to visit some of our country's greatest natural treasures.

Mariangela Abeo
Mariangela Abeo (they/them) is a Mental Health Advocate, Speaker, Podcast Host, Producer and Photographer + Creator of the Faces of Fortitude movement. Inspired by personal heartbreak, the movement began as a project consisting of a series of portraits documenting the healing of those affected by suicide. The portraits caught fire online and Mariangela quickly saw a need for a safe space for others to share their stories of loss and trauma. In addition to exhibitions, podcasts and books, they travel the country to capture portraits of those affected by the epidemic in any way (be it loss, attempt or first responders) as a step towards their healing, and to educate people as both a mental health advocate and a suicide loss and attempt survivor.

Jessica Campanile '20
Jessica Campanile graduated from Dartmouth in 2020, having studied linguistics, anthropology, human-centered design and global health. She will be completing the post-baccalaureate program at Johns Hopkins this spring, and will then begin studying at the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania this summer. While an undergraduate, Jessica founded Access Dartmouth, the school's first organization dedicated to disability advocacy and accessibility activism. She has continued her advocacy work with the Johns Hopkins Disability Health Research Center, where she works on disability health equity initiatives and research.

Allison Holzer '00
Allison Holzer, MCC, MAT & MFA is a Master Certified Leadership & Executive Coach, keynote speaker and co-CEO of InspireCorps, an inspiration and people strategy firm that partners with organizations to drive business growth and innovation. She is the co-author of Dare to Inspire: Sustain the Fire of Inspiration in Work and Life (Hachette, 2019), a leadership and business book that redefines inspiration as a critical resource in modern work and organizational culture. Over the last two decades, Allison has coached hundreds of students, leaders and leadership teams across different industries to achieve new performance heights while also focusing on well-being and to inspire themselves and others.

Jessica Chiriboga '24
Jessica Chiriboga is originally from Glendora, California. She hopes to major in Government and History and is passionate about community building, creating welcoming space and mental wellness. Jess aspires for a world where our differences unite us, rather than divide. On campus, Jess serves as a North Park Student Assembly Senator, Class of 2024 Executive, a staff writer for the Dartmouth Political Times and an ambassador for the Dartmouth Political Union. She also is a part of The Dartmouth and Cabin and Trail. Jess enjoys watching sports and hiking in her free time. Feel free to say hi if you see her around campus, she is excited to get to know more people in the Dartmouth community!

Marina Cepeda '21
Currently, Marina Cepeda is a senior at Dartmouth College and will graduate with a B.A. in Computer Science and African and African American studies. She is a Race, Migration and Sexuality (RMS) Consortium Fellow and Digital Humanities and Social Engagement Research (DHSE) Cluster Fellow. Marina is researching how technology can be healing for Black people in the age of the New Jim Code through the lens of Afro-futurism. She uses digital art to share stories of her communities. Marina is interested in pursuing film production and screenwriting and working at the intersections of technology and storytelling.

Operating under an independent license from TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design), TEDxDartmouth invites the Dartmouth and the Upper Valley communities to join together and share ideas in a way unique from other Dartmouth events. This year, we're inviting our audience to engage with the concept of "reimagine" in all its multifaceted forms: communication, collaboration, reflection and growth. Join us and see where your vision intersects with ours.

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