Eventive Instructions & FAQ

This fall, all Hop films will be presented virtually and on demand through Eventive.

These are free for all Hop members & Dartmouth students, and $5–$12 for the public. Not a member? Join today >

Every Thursday, two movies will "open" and be available 24/7 for a week. Simply purchase/claim your ticket through the Hop website and watch the show at your convenience on Eventive.


Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Log in to the Hop website and get your ticket as you would for any other event. You can do this by clicking "login" here or in the upper-right corner of the website. If you are not logged in, you will be prompted to once you click the yellow "Get Tickets" button on an event page.
  2. Your order is complete when you see the Order Confirmation page containing instructions and a link to Unlock and Watch the film. You will also receive your Order Confirmation by email, normally within 15 minutes. If you do not receive the Order Confirmation email, please check your junk/spam folder.
  3. To watch the film, follow these instructions, which are also in the Order Confirmation:
    1. Copy your Unlock Code
    2. Click on the blue "Unlock & Watch Button" to open the film page on the Eventive platform.
    3. Once the Eventive film page loads, click on the purple "Unlock for free" button
    4. Paste or enter your Unlock Code in the pop-up window and click "Verify Access"
    5. If this is your first time using the Eventive platform, you will be prompted to create a free account with your name, email and a new, Eventive password. If this is not your first time using Eventive, you may be prompted to log in.
  4. When you are ready to begin watching, click "Watch Now." If you have already unlocked the film and are returning to the Eventive platform to view the film at a later time, you may still be logged into Eventive and can click "Watch Now." If you don't see this button, you will need to log into Eventive again by clicking on the smaller, white "Log in to your account" link under the purple "Unlock for free" button.

Eventive Ticket Buying Walkthrough



Troubleshooting Tips

If you're having trouble watching the film, first check the following:

  • Check your browser: Eventive works best on Google Chrome and Firefox. It does not work reliably on Safari and Internet Explorer.
  • Are you logged into Eventive? Check the top right corner of the Eventive screen to make sure you're logged into the account you used to unlock the film.
  • If you are having trouble casting to your TV, the best solution is to connect your computer or device directly to the TV using an HDMI cable. Or you can consult Eventive's FAQ page, which outlines which devices and apps you can use to cast to your TV.

For all other questions, please contact the Box Office at 603-646-2422, hop.box@dartmouth.edu or the live chat feature on this page.



Do I need an Eventive account to watch a film or virtual event?
Yes, you will be prompted to set up an Eventive account the first time you unlock a film.

Is there a charge setting up an Eventive account?
No, Eventive accounts are free to set up. However, they may be a cost associated with the ticket you claim from the Hop.

Is my Eventive account different from my Hop account?
Yes, your Eventive and Hop accounts are two separate accounts.

How do I see what films the Hop is screening?
Visit our Fall Film Slate page.

How do I watch a film?
Get your ticket to a film on the Hop website and in your Order Confirmation email from the Hop Box Office, you'll receive links and instructions to watch the film on Eventive.

How long do I have to watch a film?
Generally, films open on Thursdays and close on Wednesdays. Detailed times are listed on the Hop event page and Eventive film page.

Can I stop watching and pick up at a later time?
Yes, once you start a film you generally have 48 hours to finish watching it.

Where can I find an archive of all the videos I've watched?
You can find all of your unlocked videos in your Eventive Account. However, if you have already watched a film or the watch window has passed, it may not be available to watch again.

I've lost my confirmation email, how do I access my unlock code?
You can visit the Digital Content page of your Hop account or contact the Box Office at 603-646-2422, hop.box@dartmouth.edu or the live chat feature on this page.

Is there tech support available in case I can't access my content?
If you are having issues buying a ticket on the Hop website or accessing the film on Eventive, please contact our Box Office at 603-646-2422, hop.box@dartmouth.edu or the live chat feature on this page.

If you are having trouble casting to your TV please consult Eventive's FAQ page or contact the Box Office.

Hop Box Office
Please note our new hours
Tuesday & Wednesday: 2-6 pm
Thursday, Friday, & Saturday: 2-8 pm
Sunday & Monday: closed
603.646.2422 | hop.box@dartmouth.edu
The Hop Box Office will not be open for walk-up business until further notice.