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Fall Film Slate

Attention all film-lovers and aspiring filmmakers!

We're ending the fall term with a celebratory weekend (Nov 14-17) of special screenings, presentations, networking events, conversations, masterclasses and more with Dartmouth alumni in the industry and film & media scholars. 

Our guests include independent film producer Alix Madigan '84, Mac Simonson '16 from A24 Films, Netflix production manager Michelle Brattson Majors '96, Florentine Films producer Julie Dunfey '80, music supervisor Barry Cole '93, game designer Prof. Owen Gottlieb '95, LA Times writer Tara Paniogue '14, Allie Young '13 from Harness and Prof. Noah Tsika '05. 

To learn more about the events in the Dartmouth Film & Media Alumni Fest, click here.

Check out the complete fall line-up!

Check out the complete fall line-up!

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