Ideas and Discussions

Ideas & Discussion

Feeling stirred up?

Great live arts and film spark thoughts and feelings—joy, pain, hope, despair. Through this web feature, we invite you to share your responses to specific shows and to broader themes in Hop programming.

Take a Hard Look package

Take a Hard Look

Social commentary embedded in performance can operate like a stealth mission. Compelling sounds, sights and story bring you face to face with realities you might otherwise not have examined.

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Cultures in Motion package

Cultures in Motion

People and their cultures are in perpetual motion, in search of home in places where cultures collide and are reinvented in new forms of expression.

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Immerse Yourself package

Immerse Yourself

Arts experiences in unexpected settings and innovative combinations engage your senses in new and surprising ways.

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Orchestras Expand Package

Orchestras Expanded

Love the drama, size and dynamic range of a symphony? Let us expand your idea of an orchestra.

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