Dartmouth College Wind Ensemble Fall 2019

Virtual Culley Concerto Competition

The Culley Concerto Competition is an opportunity for Dartmouth instrumentalists to compete for cash prizes, receive feedback from an esteemed panel of judges, and potentially be given the opportunity to perform a concerto with the Dartmouth Symphony Orchestra or the Dartmouth College Wind Ensemble.


The Virtual Culley Concerto Competition is open to all currently enrolled Dartmouth College students who play a string, woodwind, brass or percussion instrument. 
Students do not need to be on campus or on term to participate. 


  • Grand Prize: $500; one recipient selected from all categories
  • First Prize: $300; one recipient per category
  • Second Prize: $100; one recipient per category

Performance Parameters

  • Works must be accompanied and between 3–5 minutes in length. 
    Works may include movements of concerti, sonatas or other solo works.
  • All submitted works will be included in a publicly shared concert concluding with an awards ceremony. 
    By entering the competition, you give permission for Dartmouth College and the Hopkins Center for the Arts to include your performance in the concert video. 

Schedule & Instructions

Registration has closed

Virtual Meeting and Interpretive Discussion: October 17 – November 17

  • Meet virtually with our accompanist and your private teacher (if applicable) to discuss tempos and interpretive elements. 
  • Student may choose to provide a "scratch-take" to the accompanist for use in creating an accompaniment track. 

Accompaniment Recording: Delivered by December 4 (last day of Fall Term)

  • Accompanist will record your accompaniment according to the interpretation discussed at your meeting and using your scratch-take as a guide (if applicable)

Video Submission: Due Monday, January 4th (first day Winter Term) 

  • Students will have the Winter Break to practice to their personalized accompaniment, record and submit. 

Virtual Concerto Competition Concert and Award Ceremony: Date TBA

  • All submissions will be included in a virtual concert concluding with an awards ceremony. 

For more information, email Brain Messier.