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Health & Safety FAQs

Health Policies and the Bindle app

What are your health requirements?
We require that everyone wear a mask indoors, and be fully vaccinated OR have a negative result of a COVID test administered within 72 hours OR be an active Dartmouth student or employee.

Do I need to show that I comply with your health requirements every time I attend a Hop event?
Yes. We are committed to ensuring that everyone entering our venues is in compliance with our health requirements at the time of the event. By screening every person before they receive their ticket and enter the venue, you can feel confident that your fellow show-goers are in compliance with our requirements.

Do you keep the records of my COVID vaccination or testing status?
No. And with the Bindle app, we do not even see your vaccination or testing status; we only see that you are in compliance with our health requirements at the time of entry.

Are you gathering contact tracing information?
Yes. This is done seamlessly through the Bindle app or gathered in paper form as you retrieve your tickets. We only retain this information for 30 days, and it is not shared or used for any other purpose.

What is Bindle?
Bindle is a free, secure wallet for your health records and an easy way to privately share your COVID-19 health status with others. Many venues and regional cultural institutions are making use of Bindle. It only takes a few minutes to set up and can be used every time you are attending an event at a venue that accepts Bindle. 

Why should I use Bindle?
Every Hop attendee will need to show proof that they comply with our health requirements as they come to attend an event. The Bindle app will

  • Get you screened more quickly
  • Share your contact tracing information with us instantly
  • Keep your health records private

How do I set up Bindle?
Setting up Bindle only takes several minutes. You will need your phone, a piece of identification and proof of your vaccination or negative testing results. 

Get Started with Bindle

Please note that Bindle's terms of service require that users be 13 years old.

How does Bindle protect my privacy?
Bindle does not share your health information with anyone: not the government, not the Hop, not even Bindle. When you set up the Bindle app, you will upload your proof of identification and your COVID-19 vaccination record or negative test results. This information is only stored on your phone, but Bindle will create a certificate on your phone that can be viewed by us, confirming that you comply with our health requirements. We do not have access to your Bindle account or the details of your personal health information. View Bindle's Privacy Policy >

Do I need to use Bindle?
While Bindle is the easiest and fastest way for us to confirm that you comply with our health requirements, we also accept paper and digital documents indicating your vaccination or testing status. 

I'm vaccinated, why can't I just show you proof once?
In order to protect your privacy, we do not retain any medical records. That is why we are conducting screenings at the time of entry. We are working to make sure that the screening process is effective, smooth and speedy, so you can get to your seats quickly and enjoy the show.

The fastest and most confidential way for you to show proof of vaccination or negative testing compliance is by using the Bindle app.

What other organizations are using Bindle?
In the region: Lebanon Opera House, Tupelo Music Hall, Music Hall of Portsmouth
And beyond: American Repertory Theater (ART), Actors' Shakespeare Project, Institute of Contemporary Art, San Diego Repertory Theatre and venues in over 30 states.

Are children exempt from these requirements?
No. If someone is too young to be vaccinated or has a medical reason for not being vaccinated, they still must comply with our COVID-19 testing requirements. Please stay tuned for more information as we develop programs and policies to safely serve young audiences.

Do Dartmouth students and employees have the same requirements as everyone else?

Dartmouth students and employees are subject to vaccination and testing policies maintained by the College and administered by Axiom Medical. As a result, they do not need to show proof of vaccination or COVID-19 testing to attend a Hop event. However, they must provide a valid Dartmouth ID that matches the name on the ticket.

Please note, if you are a Dartmouth student or employee and you have purchased tickets for other people, they are not exempt from our health screening requirements. Each and every attendee must provide proof of compliance with our health requirements.

What if I purchased tickets, but I feel unwell, am concerned for my health, or am not able to meet these requirements?
Please contact us to discuss your options by email at or by calling 603.646.2422. All refund requests must be made prior to the start of the event.

Arriving at the Hop

Is the Hop open to the public?
Like most buildings on Dartmouth campus, the Hop is currently closed to the public and entry is restricted to those with Dartmouth card access. An exception is made for attendees accessing Hop venues for specific events or activities, and primary exterior doors will be open for entry one hour prior to each event.

Do I need to wear a mask while indoors at the Hop? 
Yes, masks must be worn by everyone in the Hopkins Center, regardless of vaccination or testing status. They must remain on when entering or exiting venues and for the duration of the event. 

Can I pick up my tickets ahead of time?
No. For contact tracing purposes, we want to ensure that tickets are not shared with others. Each member will receive their tickets when they show proof of health compliance.
In order to get you smoothly and efficiently into our venues, there is a single line in which you will both show proof of compliance with our health policies and retrieve your tickets.

Where do I go to show my proof of compliance and get my tickets?
You can enter the Hop either from the North (East Wheelock Street) or the South (Lebanon Street) and there will be signage directing you to the line for health screenings and tickets. We will also have Bindle App Help stations set up at the Hop entrances before the shows.

When should I show up?
We plan to open our houses 45 minutes prior to each event and health screenings will begin at that time. Please do not arrive more than 45 minutes prior to your event as we are trying to prevent congestion. 

Can I purchase tickets in-person?
The Hop Box Office will be open for in-person sales one hour preceding every ticketed Hop event. Otherwise, the Box Office but is currently closed for in-person business 

Is the Box Office open? 
The Hop Box Office is open for website and phone sales and information (Tuesday–Friday: 2–5 pm), but is currently closed for in-person business except in the one hour preceding every ticketed Hop event.

I have accessibility needs, how will these new practices affect me?
Should you have questions about how to access our venues, please reach out to us at or call 603.646.2422. Voice/relay calls welcomed.

I am a volunteer, guest artist or freelancer working at the Hop, how do these policies affect me?
We rely on many people, who are not enrolled in the College's health screening protocols. All of these people must comply with our requirements, just like a member of the public, each time they work at the Hop. Please contact your Hop supervisor or usual point person for more information.

Are venues operating at full capacity?
Following an engineering assessment, we have made amendments to air filtration systems within the Hop. Our venues are currently operating at normal capacity, and there are no mandated social distancing requirements.

What are the rules for outdoor Hop events?
All attendees must adhere to Dartmouth's policies for campus visitors as well as the same Hop health policies as for indoor events, including providing proof of vaccination or recent negative COVID-19 testing. However, face masks are optional when outdoors, regardless of vaccination status. All are encouraged to continue wearing face coverings if they feel more comfortable doing so.